Sparkle Shoes + True Boyfriends

IMG_2695I wore these glittery Nine West heels yesterday to celebrate finding my favorite jeans – I had been searching for them ever since we moved and I was afraid that they were lost forever! I wore them so much in the days leading up to the move and then when we unpacked they were nowhere to be found.

IMG_2703There is something so cozy and comforting about these jeans and I’ve been missing them like crazy this past month.  I’ve written about them a billion times…

IMG_3187IMG_7479 full length cropIMG_7388I call them my Boyfriend Jeans even though they are not technically ‘boyfriend’ cut but are just the wrong size of thrifted J Crew Matchstick denim but give a nice,  loose look and feel.

IMG_2686A few days ago I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was sad because I hadn’t seen my favorite jeans since the move and I was afraid that they were lost forever so he went down to the ‘cave’ in our new place (pictures to follow – I promise!)  and started searching through boxes that we thought were just filled with things for long-term storage and he found my jeans!!!  I truly have the best boyfriend and my favorite jeans really are aptly named ‘Boyfriend Jeans’.