Summer’s Golden Moments

currently crushing, magnum ice cream

As we near the end of August and the days start getting a little shorter,  I like to remind myself to slow down and savor these last moments of Summer.   Summer is the season I look forward to the other nine months of the year:  nights at the Hollywood Bowl, waking up each morning to sunshine streaming through the bedroom windows, warm evenings spent outside with friends and relaxed days by the pool…



currently crushing magnum ice cream

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve measured my life by what happens in the Summer.  I remember the Summer before Kindergarten when my mom taught me how to write my full name and then the Summer when I learned how to read and the Summer when I learned how to swim and the one right before my 16th birthday when I learned how to drive.  This Summer of 2014 has been an important one for me as I celebrate personal accomplishments, work on our home remodel and learning how to relax and enjoy all the little moments in life that I know will end up being the big moments in my life.

currently crushing magnum ice cream bar

Today I’m happy to share that I’ve teamed up with Safeway and Magnum Ice Cream to help you Discover your Chocolatey Bliss!

currently crushing magnum gold ice cream bar

With Magnum Ice Cream, indulgences never felt or tasted so good.  If you’re like me,  you love enjoying your sweets, especially when you look so good eating them!  Magnum is the most premium, sophisticated and indulgent chocolate and ice cream experience imaginable, made with Belgian Chocolate, created with pleasure seekers in mind.

Have a toast to blissful, chocolatey pleasure and head into a Safeway to score a box of Magnum for $1 off!  Offer valid in-store only.  Then Discover your Chocolatey Bliss by taking the Magnum personality quiz.  Answer questions to reveal your Magnum flavor profile, then enter for a chance to win a variety of great prizes!  I took the quiz and got GOLD as my result.  Now it’s your turn – share a link to your e-card result in the comments below.

Take the Magnum Personality Quiz HERE


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