#breakthemold with ThirdLove

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Few things make me happier than pretty new bras, undies and lounge wear. When I can find a bra ONLINE that fits just right, it’s a total win.  After hearing so much about ThirdLove I was excited to try a few of their bras and undies but was also a bit skeptical about taking an online fit quiz and then amazed when I discovered that a size 34B 1/2 would actually be my perfect fit!  I go anywhere from a 32C to an occasional 36A and, most of the time a 34B so it’s great to find a bra size that fits comfortably and just does everything it should,. Did you know that 50% of women fall in between standard cup sizes?

In addition to finding my perfect fit and giving my lingerie and loungewear a refresh, I loved learning more about ThirdLove and their mission to empower women to #BreakTheMold.    BreakTheMold is the heart of the ThirdLove philosophy: it’s about carving one’s own path; saying no to ill-fitting expectations; and embracing the beautiful details that make each woman unique. It’s also about supporting one another, which is why ThirdLove has donated over $3 million worth of bras to women in need across the country since they began ThirdLove in 2013.  You can take the ThirdLove Fit Finder quiz right here: www.thirdlove.com