Time with mom

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I just drove my mom home from a month-long stay here with me in LA and I miss her already. It’s always such a gift to spend time with my family, especially during these socially-distant times. While my mom has plenty to keep her busy at home, not being able to attend her 3x-per-week exercise class or see her girlfriends for lunch and shopping has been hard. While she was here we made a plan to get out of the house and do something fun each day as a way to start getting back to feeling somewhat ‘normal’ again after this crazy year.

This ended up be a great idea that helped us each so much! Some days we walked around Target and filled our carts with all sorts of things that we didn’t even know we needed, other days we walked the mall and bought loads of costume jewelry at Forever 21, we ate lunch outside and made the trek over to Westwood for Diddy Reese cookies and ice cream more than a few times.

We still had to follow all the safety protocols but since we each have had our second vaccination we felt much safer being out and about than we would have a few months ago. Having this special time with my mom during these times was just what I needed to start feeling more like myself and look forward to a return to somewhat normal times again.

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