Tiny Bags

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Tiny bags are back in a big way.  Let’s forget all about practicality and just focus on the cuteness factor of these teeny-weeny handbags.  It’s true that styles seem to be on a 20-year revolving cycle and this season’s return of cargo pants, kitten heels and now mini bags really confirms the trend.  I can hardly fit much more than a slim lipstick (hello, beloved Buxom Full-On lipstick) in my teeny bags but the cuteness-factor makes it all worthwhile.



I’m anxiously awaiting the Amelie bag that I just ordered and am seriously considering this tiny treasure from Henri Bendel; what do you think? Also obsessing over this shot of Rhianna in all of her glory with this tiny yellow bag:


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I don’t know about you but I’m excited to stash away my big totes and satchels and lighten my load with these cute, little lady-like bags.  xo