What Are the Best Skin Care Products: Natural Ways to Pamper Your Skin

Skin Care ProductsHaving clear, glowing skin isn’t a one-time destination. It’s an ongoing mission. As your skin changes throughout the years, you will need to constantly work on updating your skincare regimen. This includes the proper washing, moisturizing, and overall treatment of the skin.

What are the best skin care products out there? The answer depends wholly on your skin type. Most people experience oily and acne-prone skin during their teens and early twenties, and from there, the issues tend to involve dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

However, not all cases can be as clearly placed into those categories—there are individuals who suffer with acne throughout their thirties and beyond, and there are young people with dry skin. It is important to keep in mind that on your quest for healthy, beautiful looking skin, you should keep your eyes open for what are the best skin care products based on your own needs.


Choosing Natural Skin Care
There are a few rules that people of all skin types should follow when choosing products. Anything with harsh fragrances, preservatives, or chemicals should typically be avoided. Of course, the term “chemicals” is widely used to describe a variety of formulas, and not all chemicals are bad. Most of the makeup and skincare products you own probably have some chemicals in them, and while they are not all bad, choosing natural or organic products whenever possible is always your best bet. In fact, some of the most luxurious things you can use to pamper your skin aren’t even sold in the skincare section.


1. What are the Best Skin Care Products for Reducing Oil and Acne Naturally?

Milk of Magnesia
You might be surprised that a product meant to ease stomach cramps could help improve the look and feel of your skin. Milk of Magnesia has antibacterial qualities and can help absorb excess oil without irritating the skin.

To use, wash your face with your regular cleanser and leave skin slightly damp. Shake the bottle and apply a thin layer using a cotton pad or cloth. Allow the magnesium to dry on your face for about ten minutes. Then gently wash with water and continue with your regular routine.


Bentonite Healing Clay
Skin Care ProductsThis is a favorite product for many thanks to its ability to remove excess oil, shrink pores, and purify skin to perfection. It’s affordable, one-hundred percent natural, and poses no risks when used properly. A quick warning though; if you already have dry skin, you should steer clear of this product to prevent drying it out even further.

To use, mix a spoonful of the clay with equal parts water or apple cider vinegar. Blend with a spoon until you end up with a creamy mud, and apply to your facial skin. Be careful to avoid the delicate areas around your eyes, nose, lips, and hairline. The mask can cause irritation in these areas as it tightens and dries.

You will feel your face tightening and pulsating as the mud dries and sucks the impurities out of your pores. When the mask is completely dry, gently rinse with warm water. You’ll be amazed at how young and fresh your skin looks and feels!


2. What are the Best Skin Care Products for Adding Natural Moisture?

Coconut Oil
If you’re looking for what are the best skin care products on the market to condition your whole body, an affordable way to pamper yourself is with a coconut-oil bath. Some people find that coconut oil has pore-clogging effects when used on the face, but it’s an excellent moisturizer for the rest of your skin. For a pampering treat, add one or two spoons of coconut oil into a hot bath, light some candles, put on your favorite music, and enjoy a soak. You’ll be amazed at how moisturized your skin feels afterward.


Argan Oil
This wonderful Moroccan oil is rich with vitamin E, and it’s become a major beauty craze in the last few years due to its ability to heal acne scars and make skin glow. It can be used on your face, hair, nails, or just about anywhere else on your body. Because it is filled with vitamins, it provides your skin with the nutrition it needs in order to stay healthy.


Skin Care ProductsGrapeseed Oil
There are many products that promise to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but many of them are expensive, filled with questionable chemicals, and not necessarily guaranteed to work for everyone. Grapeseed oil, which is rich in vitamins and won’t clog pores, is a safe investment that you can make when looking to achieve beautiful skin.

Grapeseed oil is affordable enough to use as an all-over moisturizer, but it’s anti-aging effects make it particularly great for use around the eyes and other areas where fine lines tend to develop first.


What are the best skin care products that you have found? I’d love to hear about them. You just might clue me in on something I’ve yet to discover! You can email me at [email protected], and I also hope you will follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for visiting!

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