Vintage Hunt Coat + Celeb Style Crush Continues…

My Celeb Style Crush continues this week with another look inspired by the Olsens! I was able to pull these basics from my closet and mix them in a new way for a look that I really like. I’m still so self-conscious about these braces on my top teeth! They should be coming off near the end of February and I can’t wait.

Did you notice the little fox head buttons on my hunt coat? I found this coat at a thrift store here in LA nearly 10 years ago and I’m still in love with it. I especially like the double-vent:

Here’s the look that inspired my outfit (from OlsensAnonymous) – I copied this one right down to the ankle bling, I wrapped my little star necklace twice around to get a similar look.

I’m wearing: J Crew skinny toothpick ankle jeans, Asos clutch, Anne Klein pumps, thrifted hunt coat plus men’s aviators from Target.

Who are you style crushing on these days??? xoxo

  • Such amazing pumps. Such beauties! Great outfit!

    • xoxo – you two are inspiring to me xoxo

      • My favorite American Gold dress would have to be hands down the Sacred Heart Maxi in black, size L! I think I shulod win because being a fashion design and merchandising student (and total lingerie addict and enthusiast) I love pushing the boundaries when it comes to wearing lingerie as outerwear to see what I can get away with and hopefully inspire others to take risks to express their own unique style and individuality. This see-thru stretch crochet (lace like) dress would be perfect with a short and sexy nude or black silk slip underneath!My favorite Miista boots would definitely have to be the Andee Buckle Boots in black, size 8 (or in Miista sizes, size EURO 38.) I think I shulod win because I have coveted these killers since I first saw Miista’s fall/winter lookbook. l have such great respect for the Miista brand and what it represents (quality materials, design aesthetic, creativity, elegance) and already own 3 of Laura’s beautiful designs. I enjoy doing business with her and supporting her vision because she goes out of her way to make sure your shopping experience is an exceptional one and because it’s important within the fashion industry to support up-and-coming independent designers. (I hope that one day others will do the same for me, as an aspiring lingerie designer.) Once, I received my order in TWO DAYS. From LONDON. I live in the states and didn’t even pay extra for expedited shipping! I would absolutely love to add to my ever growing collection of one of my newest favorite brands!With these two stunners, there’s no doubt that anyone wearing them (together or apart) would be a total knockout and couldn’t help but have extra swag in their step!

    • The dress that I would like to spend the rest of my life living in is the Belladonna Burnout Dress. This dress was made to be worn to galas and also to movie thaeter matinees by yourself on rainy Sunday afternoons. My favorite thing about it is its versatility. I think anyone who wore it would immediately feel like a beautiful badass. I wrote a poem about it that I have included below:Oh Belladonna Burnout Dress,You shimmer like the eyes of black cats in the moonlightYour uneven hemline makes my eyes go teary with joyYou are everything you should be.How I long to button you up and shake your fringe.If one day I hold you in my hands,I will see my fingers through your iridescent fabricAnd now that magic exists.That is the poem I wrote and that is how much I love that dress. Sometimes I have dreams where I am getting dressed and in the dream I have about this dress, I am a gypsy and I live on a beautiful houseboat all by myself and I am sailing away into the sunset. As for the boots, if I ever got the chance to choose one pair I would want the Batilda Buckle Platform. I have been really wanting to wear platforms lately, but I get embarrassed because then I would be taller than my boyfriend. I’m only 5’4″, so this is kind of a heartbreak. But I am in love with him, so it is ok. I think I am going to start wearing them anyway because I think it would help me feel like an empowered woman, which is always my goal. You should choose me because I would never have the money to buy either of these things on my own but I bet I would love them better than anyone who could afford them. It is ok if you don’t though, because I can see how many people have already entered and I am sure it will be really hard to choose! I can say, though, that I know that I want those boots and that dress more than anyone else. I have only recently started getting into fashion and I think of all of my loves, this most recent one is the most lustful. I am 19 and I live in Ohio and I am an artist. Good luck choosing and please give whatever you end up sending out a kiss from me. Oh, also my sizes would probably be a medium in the dress and a size 7 in the boots.

  • ivy

    Oh, love your inspiration. Great take on it!

    • Thank you so much! I’ve been so inspired by their style this week…

    • THANKS soooo much for all your votes yesterday! I am now in the lead but at 5pm when votnig ended, I was a few votes short (figures). It was a blast either way! THX for all the support! xoxo,NYCPretty

  • Really love the look! Great coat!

  • So love the clutch with the outfit too. So cool!

  • The feather clutch and that blazer are fantastic pieces on you!

    • Thank you so much! I’m a new reader on your blog and I love it xoxo

  • Ooh, I am in love with your ankle bracelet – it’s such a fun touch. LOVE this look on you; and your inspiration!! 🙂

    • xoxo! I actually wrapped a necklace around twice for this look – it’s a first for me but I’ll probably do it again…