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Gray Day

Classic button-down shirts like this one from The Gap are one of my wardrobe staples.  I wear them year-round with sleeves…

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This thrifted ($5.99) Rocawear jumpsuit is one of my latest, greatest thrifty finds.  I’ve never been a jumpsuit girl but now…

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Don’t you just love a good vintage find? Weird, cat-themed artwork and mysterious stains notwithstanding, rummaging through thrift shops is a very fun way to spend a couple of hours.
Fabric and leather can be washed, hard surfaces can be disinfected, upholstery can be replaced, and wood can be refinished. I know we live in an I-want-it-right-now society, but there are some serious treasures to be found, snagged, and cleaned up at thrift shops.

Great thrift store finds are all about getting a fantastic deal on one-of-a-kind items!

Recycling is Our Friend

One of the cool aspects of thrift store hunting is that we are repurposing stuff that other people don’t have a use for. Recycling is always a good thing to do!

– Clothing that’s barely been worn
– Hard to find books
– Old records
– Funky art
– Cool lamps and trunks
– Antique furniture

There are jackpots everywhere!

Great Style is Also Our Friend

The very best part about thrift store hunting is getting to add one-of-a-kind items to your own personal style.

– Old jewelry, scarves, and hats are a sure find in most vintage shops. Plus, evening wear is often found at rock bottom prices.
– If you are handy with a needle, you can even shop outside your normal size, take it home, and tailor it.
– An oversized silk blouse in a unique print is perfect for a pencil skirt with trendy shoes. A gorgeous, sexy little dress that just needs to be adjusted in the hips can become your shopping find of the season.
– Don’t forget the men’s department either. How could anyone say no to purple wingtips? Or suit vests in colors, prints, and fabrics never seen in women’s fashion? Tailor them, add an old broach on a velvet strap, and have a look that is all you.

If you visit a large city, be sure to hit a high-end thrift shop and spend a few hours pawing through the castoffs of the rich and famous. You can take home some amazing travel finds.


Here are some prized clothing items from previous vintage shop excursions:

– 100-year-old, 6-strand, pink pearl cuff
– Plain white, men’s linen shirt
– Short, sequined, turquoise sheath dress that fits like a glove
– A brown tweed men’s suit jacket that feels like coming home

Non-clothing items favorites include an old parchment copy of the Declaration of Independence, a leather and brass decanter from about 150 years ago, and an antique book shelf.

Tricks to Making it Work

1. Stop by often. New stuff comes in regularly. Find a good shop and make it a routine to browse.
2. Shop online. Goodwill has an online store and a separate online book store where there are treasures galore.
3. Sign up. Find your local shops at The Thrift Shopper, check a few out, then sign up for updates from your favorites to keep your finger on what’s available.

People discard their stuff for a million reasons that ultimately don’t matter. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Start digging!