A Touch of the Italian Countryside: Tuscan Home Decor

Imagine a charmingly rustic, vine-covered stone house in the Italian countryside, surrounded by rolling hills covered in brilliantly-colored wildflowers, winding dirt roads, and rows of vineyards lining the land as far as the eye can see.

If this sounds like paradise to you, you might enjoy bringing a touch of the Italian countryside into your home with romantic Tuscan home decor.

What is Tuscan Home Decor?

Tuscan home decor is quaint and charming, and designed to invoke feelings of good old-fashioned nostalgia, regardless of whether you’ve ever even been to the Italian countryside before. Think weathered stone and terracotta brick tiles, bronze accents and lots of live potted plants and flowers all over the place.

Tuscan Style Furniture

To achieve the proper weathered Italian countryside look, think of using lots of dark wood shabby chic “distressed” style wood touches on couches, chairs, picture frames, and other furnishings. Metal is also a great touch to achieve that Italian villa effect. Intricately designed and crafted furniture like couch sets and mirrors, headrests and dressers should look heavy and expensive, and the more antique, the better. Avoid sleek, straight lines and contemporary or modern types of furniture. Ceramic and stone tiles and accents are also a great touch.

Tuscan Style Colors and Fabrics

When decorating according to Tuscan home decor, think along the lines of calm, earthy tones in brown, beige, burnt sienna, olive green, and stone, with plenty of soft and fading yellows, golds, greens, and blues. The more weathered looking the color, the better. No bright or harsh colors like scarlet or black—soft burgundy and slate gray would be better options, for example.

Who Loves This Look?

There are zillions of Italian styled homes in LA, which I think are absolutely gorgeous and regal looking. A lot of celebrities like Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, George and Amal Clooney have the real deal—actual Tuscan homes in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. You can get a lot of inspiration for your Tuscan home decor project from magazine articles, website features and other photos featuring these properties, and use them for ideas to bring a touch of the Italian countryside to your own home.

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