Beauty On The Go

currently crushing on makeup and beauty


I’m always interested in which beauty products other women are using and especially which ones make it off the vanity and into a purse or makeup bag.  Here is a round-up of my current faves that I toss into the car with me for a busy day or pack for a get-away – I brought each one of these to Puerto Vallarta last week and they were perfect! Here goes:


1. I use this CC stick as a concealer or a foundation – it’s creamy and lightweight.

2. My new favorite mascara – tremendous color and curl.

3. Perfect creamy blush that doubles as a lip tint – an absolute miracle.

4. Best. Brow. Ever. – my brows are very pale and this gives them just what they need.

5. Rich, long-lasting color and the perfect red.

6. My hair gets pretty limp and flat by the end of the day but this perks it right up.

7. I need to be more heavy-handed with this – it warms me up and doubles as eyeshadow.

8. A long-time favorite – one in my bag and one on my nightstand.

9. For blush and bronzer – possibly the most luxurious thing I own and I’m in love with it.

10. In ‘Carthage’ – my favorite pop of pink.

00. This cream makes my hands, legs and arms smooth and shimmery.


I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my makeup bag.  I’d love to hear about your favorite beauty products!