This Week In Beauty

currently crushing, cover girl, olay, p&g beauty, stila, tarte, jergensI’m a true beauty product nut and I try just about every new product out there in skincare, makeup and hair products.  I have a few long-term favorites that I keep buying again and again but for the most part I switch things up week to week and thought it would be fun to share this week’s favorites with you…



currently crushing, tarte, stila, olay, bare minerals, covergirl,These are my morning products: The moisturizing gel and eye cream were gifts from that LuckyFabb conference earlier this month and I’ve been using them ever since – they’re cool and refreshing and seem to help wake me up.  The tinted moisturizer gives me a nice, even and not-too-heavy coverage with a little sunscreen that doesn’t seem to make my skin break out so I’m liking it a lot.  I switch out my foundations often but this has been a good one for me this week (also kept me from burning during last weekend’s Coachella parties).  I used this concealer consistently this week for my under-eye area which is showing the signs of too many late nights.  The cheek color, eye liner pencil and mascara are favorites that I use all the time.  This week I switched back and forth between pink and orange lipstick and these two Stila ones, Elle and Valentina, went everywhere with me.

currently crushing, john frieda blonde shampoo, oscar blandi dry shampoo, toni&guy volume whipMy hair care routine has always been really simple and I usually spend very little time or money on it.  With my fine, straight hair I’ve found that less is more when it comes to products.  I like a shampoo that leaves my hair squeaky clean and a lightweight conditioner that won’t weigh it down.  I’ve been using John Frieda’s blonde shampoo off and on for years and the lemon and chamomile in it seem to brighten my hair quite a bit – especially in the winter when I’m not out in the sunshine that much and it starts to look a little dull.  I started using the Toni&Guy conditioner after writing about it last month and I’m still loving it.  I’ve been using the volume plumping whip on my damp hair right before blowing it dry and it seems to give me a little bit of a boost at the roots so I’ve stuck with it the past few weeks.  Between shampoos or if I need a little extra ‘oomph’ I like to use a dry shampoo and that Oscar Blandi is my current favorite.

currently crushing, jergens daily glow, eos, klorane, fresh effects, bliss peeling groovyThis week’s nighttime routine has been quick and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it each night no matter how tired I was: First up, I remove all of my eye makeup with the Klorane remover on a cotton pad – I’ve been using this one for a million years and it’s one of the only products for the eye area which removes all of my mascara and liner and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.  I always travel with a bottle of this remover and if I’m really lazy then I’ll just use it to take off my face makeup as well.  This week I used the Olay Fresh Effects wipes to remove all of my makeup and they do a great job.  I love trying different  ‘peel’ products and this week I’ve been using the Bliss Peeling Groovy one and I can really see a difference in my skin.  I keep it on my nightstand next to the La Mer cream and Eos lip balm and that way I have no excuse not to use it.  I apply it to my face (not around my eyes!) and my neck and the backs of my hands and then after 5 minutes I apply my La Mer cream right on top of it.  This week I’m in love with the Eos raspberry/pomegranate lip balm and I’m back to using the Jergen’s Daily Moisturizer – they just started making it in a larger size bottle with a pump – which is helping to even out the strappy tan lines that I got from wearing gladiator sandals to Coachella.


Thanks for following along and I’d love to hear more about the beauty products you’re loving right now!