Building a Wardrobe on a Budget

Discovering what is the latest fashion trend can be an adventure, but it can also be pretty damaging to the budget. Let’s be honest. Many of us can’t afford to have all the latest designer pieces in our closet, even though we want to.

But you don’t have to end your love affair with gorgeous clothing and accessories to spare your bank account. With these few simple guidelines, you can indulge in the latest styles without hurting yourself financially.

1. Think Carefully About Your Purchases

HK_Causeway_Bay_利舞臺廣場_Lee_Theatre_Plaza_clothing_shop_Esprit_02_interior.JPGOne of the biggest secrets to looking good without breaking your budget is to be choosy about what you buy. It’s okay to have a favorite designer, but it can really hold you back financially if you’re unwilling to purchase anything else than that label.

The same goes for trends. You don’t have to wear all of them. When shopping, ask yourself if the item you want to buy will really make you happy in the long run. Take some time to think about your purchase, especially if it isn’t on sale. If you can wait it out a few days, it will help you determine if you truly want the item or you were just being impulsive in the moment.

2. Complement Your Existing Wardrobe

Will the item you’re considering go well with the clothes you own? That trendy patterned blouse might look good, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t have anything to pair it with. The last thing you want is to create the need for another purchase to complete the outfit. Instead, look for pieces that complement what you already have.

3.  Remember that Trends are Constantly Changing

Trends change quickly, and a lot of the popular looks this season will be forgotten next year. When shopping at more expensive stores, look for timeless pieces such as neutral heels , simple skirts and comfortable jeans. For daring trends, go to affordable stores like Target and Forever 21, so you can rock a trendy look without spending too much on items that may go out of style in the future.

shop-79475_640.jpg3.  Look for Alternative Sources

Following what is the latest fashion trend requires that you get creative about your options. There are a number of “daily deal” websites that feature designer products at affordable prices. If you’re patient and check every day, you might just spot an item you’ve been dreaming of. Also, don’t forget about thrift stores! Thrift stores are a treasure trove for those hunting for designer pieces at bargain prices. Just imagine how awesome it feels to find a pair of designer jeans at a thrift store rack for just a few bucks.

4.  Make Lists of Your Dream Items

Holt_Renfrew_Mannequins.jpgShopping can be over-stimulating. How many of us have headed to the store with a specific item in mind only to end up spending a ton on something that just happened to catch our eye? An impulse buy every now and then never hurt anyone, but it isn’t so good when it happens every time you shop.

When you try on clothes at home, what items do you need? A little black cardigan for a date-night outfit? A pair of leggings? Whenever you think of something you’d like to add to your wardrobe, write it down. Then, when you go shopping, bring this list with you. It’ll be easier to keep your hands off that cute purse when you have something that reminds you what you’re supposed to get.

There is one trend that will never go old. What is this latest fashion trend? Being yourself. Here at Currently Crushing, you can find all the fashion and lifestyle tips you need to bring out the best in yourself. I love hearing from my readers, so do feel free to contact me at [email protected]. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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