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Nightstand Necessities

  What’s on your nightstand?  I’m always trying new beauty products and lately I’ve been especially interested in products that are…

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Spring Makeup Preview

  Spending my Sunday playing with these beautiful shimmery goodies that I brought home from Fashion Week.  Stila is always a…

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Smith & Cult

  Do you know about Smith & Cult beauty?  I got a mani at an event with these polishes last month…

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  Yesterday I had the pleasure of previewing tenoverten salon at their soon-to-be open location in Culver City.  With locations in…

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Kristals Skincare

  Kristals Skincare sent me their Amethyst Oxygen Treatment Reviving Treatment, Serum and Cream to try out and I’m loving this…

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Summer Style

Currently Crushing comes at you straight from Southern California, so of course we understand what it means to stay safe, protected and stylish in the hot summer sun. Whether you’re looking for the perfect hat to go with your summer sundress, the right sunscreen to keep your skin protected, or even the right lip tint for summer use, Kristi shares her personal recommendations right here.

Choosing the right bronzer for your skin can be more important than you think, and the right hat can cover and protect your face from sunburn. Check out the Currently Crushing beauty page for everything in beauty product deals, hair care and styling!

Bargain Beauty Products!

That’s right, you don’t need to break the bank to have high-quality beauty products. Here you’ll learn all about the best of the best for women, at a price that women can afford! These finds won’t just save you money; they’ll ensure that you always look and feel amazing.

Especially when it comes to skin care, choosing the right product for your specific facial needs can be difficult. Kristi shares with you the variety of her favorites; from a basic face scrub to apricot cleansing scrub! No longer do you have to scour the general merchandise department, inspiration-less, of your local supermarket searching through the sea of skincare products. Currently Crushing has you covered!

Check out Kristi’s current crushes in bargain beauty deals here.

Hairstyle How To!

Kristi is big on hair care and styling. She loves trying new styles, but also has her go-to favorites, and she loves to show you how to make them happen! In this post Kristi shows you how to make a simple but stylish messy bun.

Hairstyles can be tough to master, but Currently Crushing offers step-by-step tutorials with plenty of pictures to help you along the way! Plus, if you need more inspiration to go with your newly-formed messy bun or other hairstyle, there are plenty of Currently Crushing fashion ideas and suggestions to help guide you to the perfect outfit to match your hair. You’ll even find stylish and affordable earrings and other current crushes that you’re sure to love.

There are lots of hairstyles out there and some of them might not work for your look, but don’t worry; we have the tips and ideas to set you in the right direction!

Beauty Tips and More

Currently Crushing is the perfect place to find inspiration and tips for styling, beauty products and fashion ideas. Kristi is always Currently Crushing on something; find out what’s on the list this week!