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Desert Dreams

  Coachella fashion seems to be all everyone’s talking about these days!  What to wear to Coachella is one of the…

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The coachella style and the coachella look wouldn’t exist without one thing: the Coachella Festival! Coachella is a world famous festival featuring fashion, style and music, and of course Currently Crushing is always right there in the trenches, bringing you stories and Coachella festival fashion right from the event!

Coachella Festival Fashion

For a lot of people, the Coachella festival is all about discovering new style ideas and finding awesome fashion finds. Kristi travels to Coachella in search of Coachella festival fashion and shares her findings with you right here with Currently Crushing!

Each year, there is always an array of new and different festival looks and styles. Guests at the festival get to discover these styles firsthand, and these styles make up not only the visual aesthetic of the event, but also the culture behind it.

One of our favorite outfits for Coachella this year included an awesome plaid skirt (pictured below) and a simple-but-glamorous shirt from outfitter Swell. If you want to look your best at Coachella, Lollapalooza or any other hot summer festival, you need to plan your wardrobe accordingly. At Currently Crushing, we have the tips, direction and info that you need to stay cool while absorbing the summer heat.

Festival Stories

While Kristi is a fashion addict and loves shopping and discovering new looks and new styles, she’s also a popular local blogger in the LA area and tells lots of fashion stories, like Coachella festival stories! With Currently Crushing you’ve got a front row seat to read about the festival action.

Here Kristi offers some insight on attending the Coachella festival, as well as some tips for having the best time at an event like Coachella. Plenty of style tips, too!

Fun Photos

You’ll always be presented with plenty of fun and interesting pictures that capture the amazing energy of Coachella. This unique festival always comes with a ton of picture-worthy finds, not just for fashion and clothing! Currently Crushing is right there in the midst of all the fun, taking photos that bring you up close and personal with all the action.

If you have your own exciting fashion photos from Coachella, we would love to see them. Send them to Currently Crushing and you just might see them featured on the blog.

Check out the photo below of some food stations from the festival!

Coachella Festival Fashion and More

Coachella comes and goes each year, but the spirit lives on long after the stages go dark.

You don’t have to be out in the desert of Indio to capture this spirit. We have your fashion tips right here. Whether you need the perfect pair of boots for walking around in the desert dust, or the perfect top to match your Coachella shirt, you can find the perspective you need right here. Whether you’re going to attend Coachella or not, Currently Crushing is the place to find Coachella festival fashion ideas and styles. Follow the stylish action right here!