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Fashion collaborations are smart no matter how you look at them. They bring word-of-mouth awareness to the designer’s work and a high-end marketing angle to the stores.

And in the process, we (as customers) get amazing stuff!

So, everyone’s happy.

Brilliant Collaborations from the Past Few Years

Fashion designer collaborations have been around since 1983 when JC Penney and Halston (born Roy Halston Frowick) got together and a new marketing idea was born. Since then, some truly superb pairings have emerged to bless us with their combined genius.

Target, for example, has been collaborating for about 12 years now with huge success! They have worked with an impressive list of names, including Phillip Lim (2013), Jean Paul Gaultier (2010), and Alexander McQueen (2009).
At one point in 2012, Target was had an astounding 24 designer collaborations at once.

H&M is another store that has kept busy with collaborative efforts. In 2004, they opened up a design line with Karl Lagerfield that sold out in large cities within the first hour!

Since that was so obviously a good idea, they have gone on to collaborate with a ton of clever designers from Jimmy Choo to Versace to Isabel Marant.

That’s some good shopping right there!

2014 Collaborations to Get Excited About

Since fashion collaboration has turned out so many fantastic products over the years, we now breathlessly await announcements of upcoming work. 2014 has been no exception to this popularity with some memorable stuff already released, and more coming soon.

Kate Moss and Great Britain’s Topshop (who have collaborated in the past), released another line together this spring that boasts casual chic, classy, and whimsical looks in a wide variety of prices.

H&M and Alexander Wang have announced they will release a limited line this November. (This, by the way, will be H&M’s first designer collaboration with an American.) We’re excited to see what they bring us!

Target continues their trend of intelligent pairings with an upcoming line from Joseph Altuzarra. Altuzarra is known for delivering some pretty sexy styles. According to some early whispers, it sounds like this 50-piece collection will—much to our delight—maintain that very womanly look.

Oh, and because Target likes to totally overachieve in the fashion collaboration department, they have also teamed up with Peter Pilotto (winner of the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund award) and will be putting out a 57-piece lineup of awesomeness!

Zooey Deschanel, our favorite sassy actress, is even getting involved in collaborative efforts with a new line with Tommy Hilfiger, “To Tommy, From Zooey.” Fresh and a little sexy, this collection of dresses boasts flattering, body-skimming styles with crisp lines and flirtatious femininity.

In the shoe department, Sophia Webster and J. Crew got together and produced some boldly gorgeous shoes that are worth drooling over. And Pharrell Williams and Adidas put out a line of shoes that includes some pairs covered in Swarovski Crystals.

Not so good for jogging, but man are they hot!

We like what we are seeing. Keep the collaborations coming, please, and we will keep buying!