Holiday Shopping Articles

For some of us, holiday shopping is a chance to get out, find some great deals, and spoil those we love with a cool gift or two. For others, it’s a living nightmare made up of dense crowds and frantic, make-do buying decisions.

And then there are the credit card bills. There’s nothing quite so stressful as taking until April to pay off the holidays, is there?

Regardless of how you feel about it, holiday shopping is here to stay. So this year, get savvy about it. Make some plans to meet all your shopping needs in a way that will add to the joy of the season rather than the stress of the season.

Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Holiday Shopping Tips

Write a list of the people you want to give a gift to and how much you want to spend on them. Set that amount of money aside, then get creative with ideas long before December.

Of the people on your list, who would enjoy an activity more than an item? Give those people things like a gift certificate to their favorite coffee house or that new sushi joint in town, tickets for a new movie they are excited about, or passes to an art museum or theme park in their area.

Who would like something handmade? Make them a pair of beaded earrings or a bracelet to go with their favorite shoes. Or get to work in the kitchen and have jars of homemade jam and peach butter to give away along with fresh gingerbread cookies.

Who doesn’t need to be spoiled now and then? Try giving a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure, accompanied by a box of decadent truffles ( the chocolate kind, not the mushroom kind ).
Whatever your budget, make sure the holidays are paid for in cash. With some forethought and a few good deals (which we will talk about next), you should have zero debt come January 1.

Holiday Shopping Deals

There’s no doubt that spending money on the perfect gift can be fun! But you work hard for that money. Always make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on gifts, no matter how large or small. Here are some online ways to track deals:

1. Cyber Monday: You’ve heard of Cyber Monday the date, but have you heard of Cyber Monday the website? Stop in to see if you can knock out some items on your list.
2. Black Friday: Similarly, there is a Black Friday website that lists ongoing sales and discounts any time of the year.
3. Free Shipping Day: Much more than free shipping, this site has a huge number of good deals to choose from!

For luxury items such as watches, jewelry, and discounted designer clothing, be sure to check out sites like Haute Look and World of Watches. There are some amazing deals to be had, and gorgeous things to snatch up!

Holiday gift giving should be based on joy and generosity. Buyer’s remorse, stress, and months of debt have no place this season. So round up some great holiday shopping deals for yourself!

Remember, ‘tis the season to be jolly! Fa-la-la-la-laaa, la-laa-la-laaa!