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Sunny and Snowy

Snow!  Here is my first ‘outfit shot’ of NYFW – I’ve been so busy running around and dressing for basic survival…

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NYFW: Day 1

Yesterday was a crazy-busy fun day in NYC.  It’s below freezing here but it doesn’t seem to slow things down at…

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Hello NYC!

Hello from New York!  I’m so excited to be here this weekend for the Simply Stylist event.  I spent yesterday visiting…

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New York is home to over 5,000 fashion showrooms.

Anyone who knows anything about the role the Big Apple plays in world fashion would expect there to be quite a few but… over 5,000?

How is there room for Wall Street and all those coffee shops not to mention the roughly 8.5 million residents?

What Do Fashion Showrooms Do?

Fashion showrooms are marketing houses where stores’ buying teams go to look at product lines that are available from designers. From these displays, they order the items that they want to carry in their stores. Showrooms are typically not open to the public. They are wholesale ventures.

New York fashion showrooms specialize by category (women’s, men’s, accessories, etc.), by sub-category (girls’ sizes 7-16, underwear/intimates, couture, etc.), and by price point. When a designer is shopping around for a showroom to promote their line, they use these criteria to make sure their product is placed before the correct audience.

So basically, showroom employees get to arrange, display, and talk about clothes all day and get paid for it. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? I’m totally jealous!

Can I Tour the Showrooms?

Yes, you can!

And even better, for the few precious hours you are on a tour, you can buy from the showrooms at wholesale prices just like industry buyers do.
Is anyone else drooling yet? Because I swear, if I wasn’t typing right now, I’d be online looking for a plane ticket to New York to do a little travel shopping. Suddenly, I’m feeling about due for a girlfriend trip. I wonder if there’s a way I could write this off on my taxes….

Well anyway, onto the goods.

The Goods

Check out these tours. There are more, of course, considering the garment district is huge and has more New York fashion showrooms than a person could ever visit, but we will start with these and explore from there.
Here are five tours all under $100:
Shop Gotham (Garment Center Tour): Three hours for either $58 or $64 depending on which dates you go.
All New York Tours: Three hours starting at $64.99.
Viator: Three hours starting at $65.99.
Get Your Guide: Three hour tour for $66.
New York Tours: Four hours for $89.95.

Pretty sweet deals, right? I’m telling you, I feel a trip coming on.

Start Saving!

A trip to The Big Apple is appealing no matter which way you look at it. A large, busy city filled with multi-cultural influences, gleaming skyscrapers, more food and drink diversity than you can shake a stick at, and wholesale tours of New York’s fashion showrooms. That’s 50-70% off retail prices on brand names like Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors, and thousands more. Jimmy Choo alone would be worth the trip!

Come be part of the New York shopping scene. There is a good reason why over 7.5 million dollars are spent there each year on clothing and accessories. With showroom prices available, think of the fun you can have doing a little travel shopping and taking home a few pieces of affordable designer beauty.