Shoe Stories from Sneakers to Heels Articles

Welcome back to Shoe Stories!

No matter how busy you are, you can always spend a few minutes talking about shoes. Shoes are, after all, an important detail of a girl’s daily fashion choices. And with its off-the-chain, anything-goes styles, this season offers us so many fabulous looks to choose from!

Sneakers and Flats

In our dreams, we are always dressed to the nines and looking like supermodels. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case in real life.

Maybe we’re on our feet all day for work, or we’re running a bunch of decidedly NOT glamourous errands where our glittering best would be an impractical thing to wear. There are all kinds of situations when flats are just a better choice than heels.

Excellent news: For their fall/winter looks, many designers, including Chanel and Christian Dior, had their models in sneakers.
We can rock sneakers and look like a supermodel at the same time? Sign me up!

Whether in funky patterns or bright and bold, sneakers have a firm place in this season’s women’s shoe fashions. Find a pair you can coordinate with your favorite outfits and get comfy!
Flats and loafers are another way to look good while spending the day on your feet. Here are a few ideas from the runway. Pretty sharp, right?


You know boots are going to have a big place in any fall/winter fashions! For our next shoe story, let’s take a look at upcoming boot trends.

Well, quite a bit of variety there. There are blocky heels, curved heels, wedge heels, quirky textures, and unique details. Let’s look at some more.

There’s even more variety here: old-fashioned lines, bold, geometric riding boots, spike-heeled and over-the-knee, and even lacy patterns.
Short or tall, modern or old-fashioned, classic or trendy; clearly we are not in a narrow-minded season of styles!

How about Heels?

The women’s fashion heels on the fall/winter 2014 runway last spring were a head-turning bunch as always. With as much diversity as the boots, they offer stylish options for anyone’s personal fashion.

Basic black is as timelessly gorgeous as ever with sexy new lines that flatter. These three each look like a cross between a boot and shoe – how hot is that?

See-through coverings with heels are definitely a trend this season, as are busy straps and interesting patterns.

And then there’s the nuts and bolts collection that Miu Miu surprised us with. What do you think of these?

If you were out and about and broke a heel, maybe you could fix it with a trip to the hardware store. Can you just picture yourself standing in an aisle surrounded by bits of pipe and tools looking for just the right part to fix your shoe? Ha!

And the Moral of the Story Is…

They say variety is the spice of life, and that is certainly true of our shoes this coming season. Rich textures mixed with a wide range of colors, plus details of all shapes and sizes are the order of the day.

If variety is what fashion demands, then I’ll happily turn into a shoe glutton! Now there are dozens of good reasons to go shoe shopping.