Coachella: Thrift Shopping Adventures

photo(63)I had absolutely no idea that there would be so much amazing vintage shopping near Coachella! Imagine my surprise when we were driving in to Palm Springs for coffee and I spotted these places:

photo(64)photo(67)photo(68)I found some fabulous treasures but my great heartbreak was that these colorful short boots were only a size 6.

photo(66)photo(65)Of course I had to try to fit my size 8 foot in to these but no luck.  I did, however, find these amazing pointy toe Keds in my size and in nearly new condition for $3!

IMG_8649 IMG_8646My favorite store of all was The Fine Art of Design – one of the most impressive vintage shops I have ever seen!

photo(61)K looks at blouse FIXEDK looks to side in mirror FIXEDThose Ralph Lauren western palazzo pants ended up coming home with me.  This shop was better than any candy store and I could have easily spent the rest of the day in there and forgotten all about the Coachella festival.  They also have a great website for those of you who don’t live close enough to visit the store.

photo(62)We were excited to visit our friends’ cafe in Palm Springs – Espresso Cielo! We usually go to their Santa Monica location on Main Street so it was fun to visit this one for fantastic coffee and sweets:

IMG_8373photo(70)IMG_8368These morning trips for coffee and thrift shopping made my whole Coachella trip much more fun. One of the things I love most about LA is that you can take a day or weekend trip to many different areas and feel like you are far away on vacation – the mountains, ocean and desert are all so close.