Coachella: Musical Highlights

photo(82)One of the highlights of Coachella for me was seeing Rodriguez perform on Sunday.  “Searching for Sugar Man” was my absolute favorite film of 2012 and I still can’t believe that I got to see him in person!

photo(83)I didn’t take nearly as many pictures of the shows as I should have – I was too busy just enjoying the music and the happy vibe at the performances.  For the size of the crowd at Coachella I was so impressed with how laid-back it all was.  We had a long, hot, dusty wait to get through security each day and no one was complaining – everyone was sweet and polite and in a good mood with no pushing or shoving.  Another act that I couldn’t wait for was The Violent Femmes:

photo(72)They performed their entire first album and I sang along with every song and loved it! 2 Chainz was especially fun and energetic even though we couldn’t get very close to the stage:

photo(73)Puscifer put on a very fun show with a trailer on stage and little packages of Swedish Fish thrown out into the crowd:

photo(74)One of my very favorite spots at the festival was the H&M Loves Music tent!

photo(81)photo(76)photo(79)photo(75)This was the perfect place to cool off, freshen up and have some fun out of the sun.  Kiehl’s provided sunscreen, toner, makeup remover and moisturizers plus there was a hair touch-up area with a talented stylist giving braids and a dry nail bar providing colorful stick-on polish

photo(78)photo(77)There were also comfy couches, ice water, charging stations, DJ’s and a fun photo/gif booth.  We ended up spending quite a bit of time between shows in this fun tent!