Design Swoon: Brian Atwood

photo(104)Well HELLO Love-aaaaaah! I honestly had a dream last night about these Spring/Summer 2013 Brian Atwood lovelies – I can’t even remember what I was doing in the dream but I know that I was running around in these heels.  I wonder if anyone out there is as obsessed with Brian’s heels as I am?

photo(113)photo(108)photo(109)These next ones are considered Wedding Shoes – I love the idea of walking down the aisle in these:

photo(106)Looking at all of these Brian Atwood’s got me thinking what I what kind of person I am when it comes to accessories.  I think fashion followers are split on the bags vs. shoes ‘platform’ – some of us love bags a little more and others love shoes a little more.

photo(111)I definitely buy more shoes and certainly post plenty of shoe-shots on my Instagram but I think that my bags are my real ‘Investment’ pieces.  I tend to put more thought into the bags I want and try to buy ones that I know I’ll love forever – maybe more practical like the meat and potatoes of my accessories and shoes are like my dessert.

photo(110)What about you? Bags or Shoes??