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“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” – Marilyn Monroe

I completely agree, Ms. Monroe.

Buying shoes is one of the great joys of womanhood, and heels especially are fashion gold!

Unfortunately, designer high heels carry price stickers that say things like $575, $800, or even $3,250. That’s just mean, especially after you told the shoes they were so pretty.

That’s a car payment, a month’s rent, or a good chunk of a school loan for a lot of people. Ouch!

Should you really have to choose between sexy shoes and groceries? No, you shouldn’t.

Fashion Heels for Less

For most women, finding a great pair of heels is cause for celebration. And if those shoes are affordable, that’s even better. Affordability gives us room in our pocketbook to enjoy our shoe fashions and still be able to take care of the rest of our life.

Okay, that was a lot of responsible thinking right there. I believe that deserves a new pair of shoes.

What to Look For

What should be considered when hunting for a great shoe deal (besides price)?

Two things:
• Tried and true brand names that you already trust
• New looks to set you apart and blaze your own style trail

Your closet needs both!

Oh, and when we talk about fashion heels for less, we mean prices of $50 or under. You’re welcome.

Take Me There Now!

Women’s fashion heels galore from eight great companies:
6pm: This company has, literally, thousands of shoe styles to choose from. You can sort by heel height, price, color, special occasion, materials, and more for very accurate shopping.
Ci Ci Hot: Based in California, this company has hundreds of super-hot heels to choose from. And about 90% of their heels are priced at $50 or less.
Go Jane: The only non-American store listed here, Go Jane is based out of Canada. Their selection is fantastic, and they have a handy price slider bar so you can adjust your search to exactly what you’re looking for.
ModDeals: Another California based company, ModDeals offer astoundingly low prices and a good selection of shoe fashions.
Pink Basis: Also based in California, Pink Basis’s heels section boasts thousands of styles. Prices go up to nearly $400, but their $50 and below selection is brilliant!
Shiekh Shoes: Shiekh Shoes has a strong store presence here in California with 82 branches scattered all over the state. Combine that with wicked styles and sizes ranging from 3 to 16, and you have a pretty cool store!
Shoe Land: Shoe Land started as a local store in Florida and Georgia and has now expanded to a strong online presence. With a nice variety of exclusive styles to choose from, good quality, and very attractive prices, they are totally worth bringing west!
Overstock: Don’t forget Overstock. Their selection in every price bracket is huge, and you can sort by brand name to track down deals on your favorite designers.

Enjoy your excursion into guilt-free shoe shopping. You and your closet are worth it!