Shoe Stories: Stacey

Stacey Kelly, SpectacularisToday I’m thrilled to begin a series of interviews with interesting, stylish individuals regarding a subject near and dear to my heart…Shoes!!! I’ll be asking each of my subjects the same set of 5 questions and sharing their answers with you.  I have such a clear recollection of the first pair of shoes that I ever really, truly wanted (I was 7 and they were white patent leather boots that laced up the front) so I’ve spent most of my life wondering if others had shoe memories like mine or if they had shoe dreams or planned their outfits around their shoes like I did.  I’m so excited to finally start asking these burning questions and beyond happy that my first interview for this series is with adorable Stacey Kelly.

Stacey Kelly, SpectacularisStacey Kelly is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles.  Currently, she is casting TV shows and is in post production on a comedy.  Stacey also photographs portraits of bespectacled people for the online magazine Spectacular Is.

Stacey Kelly, Spectacularis, Shoe Stories, Currently Crushing

Tell me about the shoes you’re wearing today: Black Nine West sandals.  Yep, I love getting away with wearing sandals in LA during the holidays!

Do you plan what you’re wearing around your shoes or do you plan your outfit first and then choose your shoes? It depends.  I like to glam out for fancy events but I only own about 3 pairs of heels.  So I’ll choose a dress depending on which pair I wear.  But, generally, for day to day wear I’ll piece together an outfit and then match either walking shoes, mid-heels or boots to that particular outfit.

Stacey Kelly, Spectacularis, shoe stories, currently crushingTell me about the first pair of shoes you really wanted.  What did they look like? Did you get them? How old were you? You know, when I was younger I was all about getting cameras, art supplies and geeking out on technology.  So, I’m a late bloomer to fashion.  When I was about 23 years old though, I discovered that I could be comfortable in heels and I really wanted these high stilettos that I saw at the Macy’s Manhattan mall on 34th Street. They were about $125 but I saved up and bought them.  I was in heaven.  I think I also felt proud that I worked so hard at my job and got them myself.  For the first time, I felt very responsible and like I could get anything if I worked hard for it.

Stacey Kelly, Spectacularis, shoe stories currently crushingWhen you buy new shoes, is it something that you plan and save for or more of an impulse purchase? Well, that first time buying myself nice heels was a long term savings goal.  But generally, if I see something I like, I go on impulse!  Damn that Visa card!!

If you were planning a weekend trip and could only bring 1 pair of shoes, would they be sandals or boots? Basically, are you an open-toe person or closed-toe? This is SO HARD to choose!  Because, generally, I love flexing my feet and feeling comfortable.  Plus I enjoy pedicures and always make sure my toes are sparkling (editor’s note: Check out her cute pedicure in those Nine West sandals!).  So, for that reason I love sandals and wear them most times of the year anywhere I can get away with them.  But I’m also definitely a boots girl.  I own and love pairs by Steve Madden, Doc’s and Coach.  I love matching my boots with denims, fancy shirts and silver jewelry.  But if I really could only pack one pair of shoes, it would be the sandals.  Gotta show off the sparkling toes.

Stacey Kelly, Spectacularis, shoe stories currently crushing

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Stacey and her shoe history and habits and please be sure to check out her work on Spectacular Is – an engaging look at the fashion and lifestyle of eye-wear aficionados with profile interviews, giveaways, tips and curated content geared to the bespectacled!