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Welcome back to Shoe Stories, a series of fashion interviews with everyday, stylish people about the shoes they love.

Meet Tracy

This vibrant spitfire of a real estate agent is an unabashed fashionista. Well… let’s clarify that a little. She’s a fashionista who very much marches to the beat of her own drum:

Oh that’s popular and in all the stores? Meh… I don’t like it.

Oh that looks great on other people? Not on me it doesn’t. I’m not buying that!

A weird, brown tweed jacket from the 70’s that is heavily embellished on one side with a lot of bright sequins? Now that’s a find!

Vintage shops, quirky clothes, and surprising color and texture combinations (and with killer legs!)—that’s Tracy.

Let the Questions Begin

1. Tell me about the shoes you’re wearing today.
“Solid black, multi-strap, braided sandals. I was due for a pedi and needed something open over my toes, so I wouldn’t mess up my cool paint afterward. Comfortable, easy. They go with everything. When it’s hot out, I swear I live in these things.”

2. Do you plan what you wear around your shoes? Or do you plan your outfit first and then choose your shoes?
“I plan what I wear around my shoes, because you always have to work from the ground up. The exception would be when I’ve bought a new dress that I’m really excited about. Then I start with the outfit. [*Shrugs*] Exceptions to every rule.”

3. Tell me about the first pair of shoes you really wanted. How old were you? What did they look like? Did you get them?
“Oh I remember this so clearly! The first pair was black, strappy, heeled sandals that I saw at the Mall of America in the Steve Madden shop. I was 14 at the time, and spent every dime of spending money that I had for the entire trip on those shoes. They were about a size too small, but I was just sure I could make them work. Needless to say, I couldn’t make them work and never once wore them. Not once.
But dammit I bought them and owned them!”

4. When you buy shoes, is it something that you plan and save for or more of an impulse purchase?
“Impulse purchase… like everything I buy. Then later, I find nearly an identical pair buried in the back of my closet. At least my taste is consistent, right?”

5. If you were planning a weekend trip and could only bring 1 pair of shoes, would they be sandals or boots? Basically, are you an open-toe person, or closed-toe?
“Sandals if at all possible, weather and willingness permitting. I say willingness because I am really bad at maintaining my pedicure and the general state of my feet, so I often find myself reaching for closed toe instead just out of vanity.”

Shoe stories are great! We get to see new ideas from people just like us. People with busy schedules, kids to raise, limited budgets, and all that pesky, real life stuff we all juggle.

What’s your shoe story?