Estate Sale Finds

IMG_4095Hi, my name is Kristi and I am an Estate Sale junkie! Most Saturday mornings are spent treasure-hunting at local Estate/Garage sales with my boyfriend and we find the most wonderful things.  Paintings, furniture, 100 year old Limoges china, a Victrola, furs, jewels and so many other fabulous things.  As an animal lover, I feel that I need to share my feelings on buying and wearing fur.  I only buy and wear vintage fur and chose not to support the fur industry by purchasing new furs.  I feel that by wearing a second-hand fur I am giving more meaning and gratitude to the animal’s sacrifice than if it were left in a closet, packed up in a box or destroyed.  With that being said, here is a fabulous fur that I found at an Estate Sale this weekend:

IMG_4126I’m crazy about it and like many of my vintage furs, has the name of it’s previous owner embroidered inside – in this case a very fancy name “Marilynne”.  I also found these great Chinese engraved Cinnabar bangles.  I love how the bracelets and jacket went so well with my outfit! I ended up wearing them the rest of the day…

IMG_4109I just realized that most of the outfit is thrifted or from Estate/Garage sales. My jeans were from Urban Outfitters, shoes from a Phoenix thrift store, belt from a local Goodwill, Joie blouse (worn in an earlier post) from a garage sale plus my fur and bangles from Saturday’s Estate Sale.  This is one of my thriftiest outfits of all time!