Fall Fashion Tips: Five Ways to Rock Your Favorite Skirt Without Freezing

fall fashionAs the days grow shorter and temperatures continue to drop, you will probably be a bit sad to say goodbye to some of your summer wardrobe items. Luckily, cooler weather doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up your favorite skirts. By following a few simple fall fashion tips, you can use layering techniques and the right accessories to stay toasty and look great at the same time.


fall fashion

1. Stick to the Thickest Materials

One of the most important fall fashion tips is to choose thicker materials. Even if you will be wearing tights or leggings under your skirt, a flimsy summer fabric may not be enough to keep you warm. Durable fabrics like corduroy, wool, or cotton are best. You may be able to get away with denim skirts in early fall, but the material is often too cool for the coming of those brisk winter days.


2. Cover Those Legs
A thick skirt can go a long way, but if that’s where you stop, you will be left with very little protection from the cold. Thanks to the enduring popularity of leggings, you have a number of stylish and interesting options when it comes to fitted coverage for your legs. Choose thicker fleece leggings, also known as “sweater leggings,” instead of the thinner variety, and consider layering tights underneath on particularly icy days.


3. Try a Vest
A cute vest is a great item to pair with a skirt, especially if you layer it over a warm, flannel top. Although a vest doesn’t cover your legs, it will still help keep your core warm, which is one of the most important aspects of staying comfortable in the brisk fall wind.

fall fashion

4. Choose the Right Accessories

A cute knit hat, a thick scarf, and a nice pair of gloves are also crucial to complete a fall outfit. Much like a vest, these items don’t cover your legs, but they are still good to pair with a skirt because they keep other important areas of your body warm. A lot of body heat is lost through the head, so stock up on cute caps in various colors. If you purchase versatile hats that correspond with many of your outfits, you won’t find yourself clashing due to a lack of variety. By making the accessory a part of the outfit from the start, you will never feel inclined to sacrifice your warmth!


5. Get Yourself an Oversized Sweater
Another one of the most important fall fashion tips that you can follow is to invest in an oversized sweater. Nothing says fall like something baggy and cozy, and by layering a big sweater over a skirt and leggings, you can stay warm without hiding your figure. You can even layer a big sweater over a slightly thinner one—keeping you warm without adding much bulk.


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