Going for Baroque: 3 Lavish Home Decor Styles

Baroque Picture Frame Home DecorIf you want to find the perfect home decor styles that will add drama, emotional exuberance, and richness to your surroundings, try going for baroque. Some characteristics of classic baroque furnishings include contrasting textures, the use of luxurious materials, and bold, sometimes clashing colors. When choosing your furnishings, you want to kick your minimalist inclinations to the curb and prepare yourself for over-the-top ornamentation—the baroque style is all about going big or going home.

But how much complexity is too much? You want to take people’s breath away with your keen sense of style, but you don’t want to cross into the realm of gaudy clutter. No worries; by taking in these three lavish home decor styles, you will be going for baroque in no time—and pulling it off charmingly.

Intricate Detailing

When it comes to picking out your home’s baroque style decor items, look for pieces with intricate scrollwork, symmetrical designs, and a touch of gold—even if the gold is fake. The classical baroque period is known for gilded frames and golden sculptures.

For a great piece to add to your collection, take a look at this open scroll chair from Baroque Baroque. With its incredible carvings, hand-applied gold leaf, and luscious fabric used for the upholstery, this chair is the embodiment of the classical baroque style.

Baroque Dresser Home DecorThough a traditional gilded frame is a calling card of baroque home decor styles, many baroque designers were also interested in using rich materials and colors in unexpected places. For this heavily detailed colorful patchwork mirror, the designer uses silks, velvets, and various cotton fabrics all together in one piece, as well as a variety of bold colors. Even though they skipped the traditional gilding, the piece is still utterly baroque.

All About the Curves

Another characteristic of the baroque style is fluidity. To capture the sense of movement that inspired many baroque designers, these home decor styles feature a heavy emphasis on curves. Whether you’re interested in something classically baroque like this black and gold Queen Anne’s revenge chaise, or a more modern piece of baroque-inspired furniture, like this white circular bed, there’s no missing the fluidity.

Woven Rugs

In baroque-style homes, the ground you walk on should be just as luxurious as your furnishings, made only from high-end materials like marble or solid wood. I know most of us can’t afford to make such a massive change just to fit our homes into the baroque theme. That’s where a good rug comes in to save the day.

Baroque Living Room DecorLarge area rugs were often used in traditional baroque-style homes to soften spaces and give an extra layer of detail—and they can be used in yours, as well. For a wide selection of baroque style rugs, browse the baroque collection at Jaipur Rugs.

It’s up to you which of these baroque-inspired, lavish home decor styles to work into your living space. Just remember to always go for the most luxurious upholstery and the most detailed embellishments you can get your hands on. For more interior design, fashion, and beauty inspiration, keep checking back to see what I’m Currently Crushing.