Home Decor Accents Breathe Life Into Your Living Area

Let’s say you’re trying to change the tone of your home’s interior design, but you’re working with a pretty tight budget. You can’t realistically afford to put in whitewashed flooring, big bay windows, and all the perfect fixtures to get the light and airy decor of your dreams. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to keep living with the same stale style you’ve had for years. Even without making a full transformation, you can still brighten things up by finding the right home decor accents to breathe life into your living space. Changing little things here and there can make all the difference, and you can do it without breaking the bank.

Stay Simple

You may not have the tall ceilings and open construction that make rooms feel naturally spacious, but that doesn’t mean that your home is a lost cause. There are a few simple tricks to make your room appear both larger and brighter than it actually is. For starters, minimize the clutter. It may be difficult to let go of some personal belongings, but you can always take them off of your mantel and store them in a memory bin. Every room needs a bit of personality, but one or two good home decor accents are usually enough.

Mantel: A Pop of Color

Clean off your mantel so that you can make a new start. Look into what styles and colors are trendy this season, and go from there. I, for one, have been noticing a lot of turquoise in fashion and interior design in the past few months—and I love it!

A bright pop of color is exciting, invigorating, and exactly what you need in order to revitalize your yawn-inducing interior. Grab something striking for your mantel, like this beautiful Esque™ turquoise candle globe, or keep it functional by getting a turquoise crystal bowl for your keys. Just switching out your old picture frames for something new, like these woven raffia frames, is a little change that can go a long way.

Furniture: New Throw Pillows & Blankets

You may not have room in your budget to pick out a whole new set of furniture, but as long as you’ve managed to keep the tones fairly neutral, you can work with what you have. Keep your direction aligned with the home decor accents you’ve already set your heart on; by sticking to a theme, those little changes will quickly make it seem like a full transformation.

Pick out a new rug and maybe even a lamp shade. Invest in a new throw blanket to drape on the back of your couch, along with a few stylish pillows. Remember that you don’t have to get two or three of the exact same pillows—you can change things up a bit by mixing and matching designs and patterns, as long as they all fit the same color scheme.

Windows: New Curtains

While you could choose from many different home decor accents to give your home a more open appearance, nothing quite compares to letting natural light do its job. Even if you don’t have many windows, even if the view isn’t exactly breathtaking, opening those windows is one of the most surefire and cost-effective ways to freshen up your interior.

As mentioned before, it helps to stick to a particular color scheme. Invest in some stylish curtain ties or, for a more pronounced transformation, a completely new set of curtains.

For a more in-depth look at how home decor accents can breathe life into your living area, email me at [email protected], then come back to see what I’m Currently Crushing!

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