This Season’s Top 5 Interior Decor Trends

New seasons inevitably bring new sets of fashion and interior decor trends. While it can be hard for the average working individual to completely transform their home or wardrobe with every new trend, sometimes a fresh feel can be easily achieved by making a few minor accessory changes. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish in your home with a handful of well-chosen throw pillows and a trip to your favorite antique store.

  1. Outdoors & Floral

This season, the line between outdoor furniture and indoor furniture is becoming a little bit fuzzy. Even as fall sets in, many designers don’t seem ready to let summer slip away. In order to cope, they’re moving some of their favorite outdoor pieces inside.

There are two ways that you can embrace this style and make it your own: work the wicker patio furniture into your interior design, or go for floral patterns. Either way, you’ll be embracing one of this season’s most popular interior decor trends.

  1. Print Inspiration

Fabrics with a bright print are also popular this season. If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture, try an armchair with printed upholstery. If you’re on a budget, look for a few throw pillows with prints or even a wall tapestry of a solid print.

  1.  A Bright Pop of Color

Another one of this season’s popular interior decor trends is to work a bright pop of color into your design, and many designers are leaning toward turquoise for their inspiration. To work this color into your own home, a simple nod in the right direction is enough to show how stylish you are. Drape a turquoise throw blanket over your couch and pick up a new vase for your dining room table. Voilà!

  1. Metallics

The great thing about metallics is that they can be embraced in so many different ways, giving you the space you need to put your own creative spin on things, all while staying true to the season’s interior decor trends. Metallics, like the exceptionally-popular brass, can be used to add a bit of a modern glitz to your room, or they can be used as a way to evoke the past, giving your home a timeless feel. For the glamorous, choose a set of curtains woven from metallic-inspired fabrics. For those with an artsy soul, opt for a piece of decorative wall art. For the functional, try out a new metallic lamp or coffee table.

  1. Vintage

Sometimes freshening up a room doesn’t mean buying something brand new. The internet puts almost anything you could want at your fingertips. When so much is accessible 24/7, the really sought-after pieces are the ones that require a little more work to find, such as the vintage furniture tucked away in your local antique store.

To really embrace this season’s hottest interior decor trends, go out and find something unique and antique that will catch your visitors’ eyes the moment they set foot in your door.

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