Latest Fashion Trends for Fall: How to Transition Your Favorite Summer Looks

autumn-72736_640.jpgIt can be hard to say goodbye to the hot sunny days, the warm evenings, and the hours spent relaxing by the pool, but the transition from summer to fall is still a favorite time of year for many. It brings the arrival of colorful leaves, brisk temperatures and that wonderful feeling that the holiday season is just around the corner. It’s also a period that symbolizes the fading away of the old and the bringing in of the new—which is what makes it such a great time to explore the latest fashion trends and revamp your look.

However, finding a new style doesn’t require abandoning your current wardrobe. If you add a few of the latest fashion trends for cold weather and mix and match them with some of your favorite summer looks, you will save yourself a lot of money and end up looking great for fall.

Lisa_Cant.jpg1.  Add Layers to Stay Warm

Adding layers is a great way to keep wearing your favorite summer skirts and dresses throughout the fall season. Cute patterned dresses look great with a pair of matching solid-color leggings, and you can dress this look up or down by adding a light sweater and a pair of chic leather, or a denim jacket and some matching boots. Layering a summer dress over a plain-colored t-shirt or turtleneck is one of the latest fashion trends. The key to making layers look fresh is to avoid wearing too many. Choose a few pieces that complement each other well, and don’t overload yourself on accessories.

2.  Play up the Fall Colors in Your Summer Prints

Rich earth tones such as brown, red and gold are generally associated with fall, but they can sometimes be found in the mix in cooler summer prints. Playing up the earth tones in your summer fabrics can make them look more autumn-appropriate. For example, if your favorite sundress is brown, yellow and blue, adding a brown sweater and boots would play up the warmth in the outfit.

237px-Denim_shirt_and_leggings.jpg3. Stick to the Basics

Items such as strapless tops, t-shirts and tank tops can work in any season as long as you buy them in the appropriate colors. Basic black works with everything of course, but shades such as gray, cream, navy and brown also look great with spring, summer or fall colors. Learn how to work these basics into your wardrobe regardless of the season, and you’ll be free to focus more of your creative energy on the rest of your look.

4. Choose the Right Accessories

Sometimes, accessories are more powerful than the clothes themselves, and the right statement pieces can turn a simple summer blouse and shorts into the perfect outfit for fall. Soft scarves in rustic colors look great when paired with gold bangles and other jewelry. The latest fashion trends this fall include lunchbox or utility-style purses, unique and colorful sneakers, and furry shoes and handbags.

Above all else, remember that the coming of a new season is a time to refresh yourself and feel great about ending one chapter and starting another. No matter what your plans this fall are, you want to look and feel your absolute best. Allow yourself to explore the latest fashion trends and pick out a few special pieces to fall in love with.

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