Make SPF your BFF

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Just popping in to remind you to find a sunscreen you like and USE IT!  I’m a sun-seeking sun-worshiper and although I’m very careful I still have the occasional actinic keratosis spots that I get frozen off at my yearly ‘skin check’ appointment. I always do all of my important ‘self care’ appointments – dermatologist, mammogram, pap smear, etc. – in August (my birthday month) as a gift to myself and a good way to remember to stay on top of things like this.

The bad news, in spite of me staying of top of things like this, is that I have a small-ish Squamous Cell cancer on my right hand.  I had it biopsied a year ago and my previous dermatologist believed that it wouldn’t come back but last month I noticed a little color change in the spot where it had been so decided to go see a different doctor who did a biopsy of that area and found that the cancer is still there.  She called the lab and it turns out that it had been there since last year and that it was in my report that it hadn’t been completely removed from my initial biopsy last year.  I’m very disappointed that my previous doctor somehow overlooked this. I’m so glad that I noticed the color change and decided to see a different doctor.

I’m having a ‘Mohs’ procedure next week to completely remove the cancer and I’m pretty nervous but will be glad to just get it out.  So, here’s my friendly reminder to take care of you skin, don’t be afraid to get little things checked and also be proactive and if you feel your doctor isn’t on top of these things make sure that you find someone who will take your concerns seriously!  xo