Clinging to Summer

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It’s been so hard to resist the urge to start shopping online for black boots and long cardi’s and all those cozy things I love about Fall dressing.  It’s always amazing to me how quickly the stores are pushing the next season; my local shops are showing jackets and sweaters already! As much as I’m looking forward to chunky knits and leather leggings, I’m making an effort this year to hold on tight to Summer and all of the lovely things that I look forward to all year long: nights at Hollywood Bowl with friends, more daylight, pretty dresses, espadrilles and just that feeling of when I was younger and on vacation from school and had all day to do whatever I wanted.

This summer I’m going to hold on to all of these things a tiny bit longer because we’re heading out on a cruise next month!  Earlier this year we were lucky enough to cruise around Cuba on our honeymoon and I wore so many cute things from Boston Proper and this time we’re going to Alaska and I’m planning out some equally cute, but quite a bit warmer, outfits from them as well.  I can’t wait to share it all with you next month. xo