Soaking up Summer

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This has been my ‘summery-est’ Summer ever and I’m loving it.  The reason?  Because this year I made a decision to focus on the joys of the season and live it to it’s fullest; it was as simple as that!  I’ve been savoring our fresh fruits and veggies, spending more time outside, dressing like I’m on vacation in The Hamptons and putting work in to making our deck more of a joyful space for relaxing and entertaining.  I can’t tell you what a difference this simple shift of attitude has made; I’m soaking it all in and am enjoying my happiest Summer, ever.

This past weekend, though, I found myself being tugged a little towards Fall with all of the sweaters and boots and pre-Fall goodies in my inbox from my favorite retailers and I’m resisting the urge to start ‘Autumn-izing’ my closet.  I slipped a little and ordered one long cardigan for Fall that I’m excited to wear – it’s a little beachy looking and it’s from Free People so it doesn’t scream Full-On Fall but it’s a tiny step in that direction…