My Wonderful Pom Wonderful Smoothie

IMG_3623(1)Do you love pomegranate juice as much as I do? I’m completely hooked on this Pom Wonderful juice! It’s made right here in California – the company grows its own California Wonderful variety of pomegranates which they hand-pick, crush and bottle themselves.  I usually keep a big 60oz bottle from Costco in my fridge and now that they’ve come out with these cute 8oz’ers I always toss one in my purse before heading out the door.  Lately I’ve been working on perfecting my pomegranate smoothie recipe and I’d like to share my latest and greatest concoction with you today.  Bear in mind that I’m not a professional chef so my measurements are not exact but this recipe will make enough for one big smoothie that’s perfect for two or just ‘you and you’…

IMG_3889I always start off with 4 tablespoons of Greek yogurt:

IMG_3892Then I add 1 big tablespoon of this great tropical Matcha green tea mix from Trader Joe’s:

IMG_3894Now it’s time for 8 ounces of Pom Wonderful ( each 8oz bottle contains the juice of two pomegranates)

IMG_3899Then I add 1 cup each of fresh blueberries and strawberries:

IMG_3902IMG_3908Plus 2 bananas:

IMG_3909Then I blend it on high speed for a couple of minutes…

IMG_3910and – Voila! – there you have my wonderful Pom Wonderful smoothie!

IMG_3917IMG_3931Sometimes I change up my fruits plus I’ve been adding the occasional handful of kale lately but the 2 things that I always add to my smoothies are Greek yogurt and Pom Wonderful juice.  I hope you’ll try this one and let me know how you like it!





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