Pretty/Ugly Shoes

photopurpleI could hardly sleep this whole weekend because I kept thinking about these shoes and I can’t decide how I really feel about them.  Do I like them because they look comfy and different and they were all over the Celine runway? Am I drawn to possibly ugly shoes because my style icons wear them and look cute anyway? Do I just love shoes and look for any reason to buy more?

photo(14)(1)photokatemossI’m just not sure on these… I love all different types of shoes and frequently wear shoes that others don’t necessarily find classically feminine or pretty:

IMG_0795(1)IMG_8148but those Birkenstock’s and these ‘mock-enstock’s’  haunted me this weekend:

photoblackpantssandalsphoto(a3)photo(15)(1)I did some research on this ugly-pretty sandal trend and found that there are a few rules to adhere to when wearing these:  you must have a fresh pedi, the sandals should be in new condition and should also be a glossy or shiny finish (you definitely want to avoid the distressed, tan suede look of old Birkenstocks)  and it’s best to pair them with a pretty dress or some other feminine outfit.


This weekend I went to listen to a band at Genghis Cohen in Hollywood and saw a woman wearing these Dr. Martens ‘Liza’ studded sandals and decided that they were the perfect foray into pretty/ugly sandals for me:

I was able to find them on Zappos and ordered them right away!  What do you think of this trend? Are shoes like this pretty or ugly or both??


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