Saturday Style: Liza

IMG_2980“Fashion changes but style endures” – Coco Chanel

Today’s style spotlight is on Liza, a fabulous, self-described ‘hot mess’ of style who continually inspires me with her bold fashion choices and love of recycled clothing.



How would you describe your style:

Although I’d like to make it easy and just raid Forever 21, I like to dress more edgy than that.  I like to call it a ‘hot mess’ because that’s how I try to look.  Ripped jeans and dirty-looking tops are my faves.

Tell me about this outfit:

I thrifted just about every piece of this outfit.  I bought the jacket and Jeffrey Campbell shoes recently at Buffalo Exchange and my shirt and pants are from Rewind Recycled Fashion.

What are you favorite places to shop?

I absolutely LOVE thrift and exchange stores – they are the best places to find unique things.  DSW and Off Broadway are my go-to shoe stores.  Also,  I  recently discovered Charlotte Russe.

What is your one ‘can’t-live-without’ piece in your wardrobe?

Right now that would be my solid black Converse hi-tops.

I Love the back of your hair – what inspired you to do this?

I had seen it all over the web (girls with half of their hair shaved off) but didn’t want it to be visible all the time.  I also have SO much hair and didn’t want to risk thinning it out or having tons of frizz so when my friend at camp showed me the shaved back of her head I knew that I wanted it.

IMG_2954IMG_2978IMG_3012IMG_3019You can follow more of Liza’s adventures here!

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