Sweet Dreams

IMG_3996(1)I can’t believe it took me this long to try a satin pillowcase.  Hair stylists are always touting the benefits of sleeping on satin but I hadn’t tried it until this past week when Savvy Sleepers sent me this luxurious white case and now I’m hooked!

IMG_4005(1)This beautiful pillow case (which has a secret pocket inside) came complete with a sweet note and bedtime ‘pillow mints’ and as you can see, Elke was very interested in the goings-on.

IMG_3983(1)Not only do I feel like a princess sleeping on this satin pillowcase, I’ve been waking up to much smoother hair.  According to the Savvy Sleeper website there are skin benefits as well – puppy kisses are good, too.

IMG_4009IMG_3990I had a wonderfully relaxed weekend and hope you did as well.  This week I’ll be working on my Fall wardrobe transition – it’s still pretty warm here in LA but I’m gearing up for plaid and cute boots – plus I’m staring to plan for my NYC trip next week.  Happy Monday xx


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