Seeing Stars

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Good morning my lovelies! This comfy, cozy cotton dress is the most unexpected find of the new year.  Can you guess where I found this perfect little number?  Give up? I actually scored this darling frock in the Girl’s department at Bloomingdales!  This is definitely the first time I’ve worn anything from the Girl’s section since I was, well, a GIRL.  I didn’t try it on at the store but was thrilled that it fit.  Here’s how it all happened…

I went to Bloomies to get more coffee pods for my beloved Nespresso maker ( side note: we’re up to 3 machines here at the house now; one upstairs, one downstairs and one for travel ) and then visited the third floor ladies room which is right near Children’s Clothing.  I spotted this star print on a tiny sweatshirt that looked perfect for my little granddaughter and then saw this dress and wished they made it in women’s sizing and then had a moment of inspiration that perhaps the largest size in girls might just fit me in this oversized silhouette so I grabbed the size 12-14 and hoped for the best!

Originally priced around $80, this dress was on sale and came to $44! Win!!!