Smiley Eggplant Sweater + Rain

It actually rained in LA today! I’ve got quite a collection of rain boots but hardly any chance to wear them here. I grew up in San Francisco and we had plenty of rainy days up there but I don’t remember rain boots being this cute back then:

I’m wearing AG jeans, Missoni for Target blouse, Esprit rain boots,  eggplant sweater from UK brand ‘Run and Fly’ and a belt from a little town in France called ‘Cahours’ where I went for a party this summer.  We took these pictures in the courtyard of a beautiful, old apartment building in Glendale this morning after a trip to my orthodontist.  I’m almost done with nearly 2 years of Invisalign treatment and I’m so excited! I’ve had to wear brackets and wires on 6 top teeth for the past 3 months and it looks like I’ll finally be done in February – I can’t wait!!!