The Latest Home Decorating Trends for Every Style

It’s almost the close of a new year, and I’ve been paying close attention to the latest home decorating trends on Pinterest, home decor mags and in some very trendy homes we’ve visited for get-togethers, luncheons, and holiday-themed dinners and cocktail parties this holiday season. I’ve been looking for inspiration for my own home, which is being remodeled, (read more about our progress on that here) and I haven’t been disappointed for lack of ideas. The trends are everywhere, especially at this time of year, where the focus is on shedding the old and showing off the new.

No matter what decor or theme you choose to decorate your home with, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the latest home decorating trends and new styles to keep your house looking fresh and current. Even the historical look of Classic decor with French Baroque accents throughout the house could be updated with some paint in the latest color trend, or with a simple accent rug in a different texture. Here are some design trends to look out for and consider bringing into your home for 2015.

Black Walls

Not that you’d want to paint every single wall in your home black, but a splash of black here and there looks pretty cool and I’ve been seeing it more and more lately. Black is sophisticated and modern looking, and goes great as the backdrop for on-the-wall technology, like a flat screen or your smart home appliances.

Gold Accents

Love gold? Well, you’re in luck. Gold is back, and it’s certainly been out for a while since it was here—I think the last time I remember gold being the latest home decorating trend was around the time they made Scarface. The trick is to keep the gold accents to a minimum, or else you’ll end up giving off the wrong vibe.

Intricate Patterns

A really hot trend that I’ve seen lately is intense patterns on everything from sofas to bedspreads. Patterns tend to work best against the plainer, more conservative backdrops. Modern, contemporary and minimalist designs are great to add to, and intricate patterns (like the kinds you might see on gorgeous china sets) in the form of throw pillows, tablecloths, and window dressings are a great finishing touch to any style.

Hot Color Alert: Antique Moss

You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, but I’ve been noticing this greenish brownish color a lot lately. It actually ranks pretty high up there among the most popular in the latest home decorating trends. It reminds me of the 70s and of foliage, and perhaps of today’s save the Earth campaigns and “go green” movements. I’ve seen this color on walls, on rugs and even on kitchen tables. Even if you think you hate it, check it out—it actually looks great and modern when added in correctly, and can go with just about any home decor style out there.

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