Home Remodel: Progress Report

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It feels like quite a while since I’ve shared a progress report on our remodel.  Last week we hit our 1-year anniversary of the start of this project and now it really, truly feels like we’re getting closer to moving in!  We didn’t need to do too much with the deck, just new wood and a new pergola.  We also updated the sliding doors and added an outlet outside near the pergola so I can string lights across it.


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remodeled kitchen

A big part of the remodel was knocking down the walls that separated the kitchen from the living room and I’m so happy about how this new open floor plan is looking. A few weeks ago I decided to make the island significantly larger than we had originally planned and I’m glad I thought of it before the marble was cut; I’m sure that I’ll be using this island a lot. Under-cabinet lights were a recent addition plus I can hardly wait to start cooking on that new range.


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remodeled kitchen countertops

Relocating the stairway was the biggest challenge of the remodel and an important part of creating a nice ‘flow’ and making the space feel like all one house as opposed to the ‘house with a rental apartment below’ that it was when we bought it last year.  Installing the handrail this week was an especially exciting moment for me;  it seemed to tie-up the biggest part of joining the two living spaces and made me feel like we’ll actually be moving in and living there before long.


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I hope you’re enjoying following along on this project!  You can see previous updates HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to explore more remodeling ideas for homes.