What a Week!

photo(52)What a week this has been! As I mentioned in an earlier post, an opportunity came up (at a St. Patrick’s Day party) to buy a home in a different part of LA and we got really excited about it and quickly put our house on the market and made an offer on the ‘new house’ – only to find out that we had been outbid! We were pretty bummed out this week and then found out on Friday that the other offer had been cancelled so there’s a chance we may still get that house.  I’m trying not to get too excited but it’s hard not to!

Another great thing about this week was the activity in my Poshmark closet:

photo(25)The Poshmark team was very sweet and made me a ‘suggested user’ for this week and I got a ton of new followers and have been making sales like crazy.  Poshmark is such a great way to clear out some of my unused treasures.  I love the idea of someone else enjoying shoes, bags and clothes that I am no longer wearing.

Another BIG thing that happened is that I’m going to Coachella, courtesy of C&C California!!! They sent me this fantastic Coachella Survival Kit and a wristband for Weekend 2 – I can hardly wait!

photo(53)There’s a super cute long red and grey tie dye dress on the right-hand side of this picture that I can’t wait to wear! I’ve spent the last 24 hours dreaming up outfits for next weekend’s Coachella adventure.  I’ll share some of my outfit ideas with you this week and please let me know if you have any advice or styling tips for me!