Heels and Socks


IMG_8009I’ve been doing this ‘socks and heels’ thing lately and I love how it looks – not to mention how comfy it is, too.  What do you think?

IMG_8047IMG_8041IMG_8030IMG_8010I’m tickled with these great silver pumps that I found at Target earlier this week.  They were marked down to $15 and are super comfy and have a rubbery sole which makes them especially easy to walk in.  I’m wearing them with men’s socks and a retro car shirt dress made by Cooperative.

IMG_8019IMG_8021I found the pink socks (worn with Carlos Santana newsprint/pinup pumps) in the girls department at Target and the blue ones (with my beloved YSL Legacy heels) in the women’s department, also at Target.  I can’t remember where the southwestern print socks came from – they’ve been in the sock drawer for quite some time and they were the inspiration for this socks and heels kick – I saw them and thought they’d look cute with my strappy Pour La Victoire heels.  What do you think? Have you tried this look??