White Leather for Spring

currently crushing, miss me jeansI’ve been wearing a lot of pure white lately but had completely forgotten about this white moto jacket from a few years ago.  I’ve amassed quite a collection of leather jackets, most of them vintage, which I hardly ever get the chance to wear here in LA due to our warm weather.  When I was living in the Bay Area I always had a jacket with me, especially in Summer.  Mark Twain’s “The coldest Winter I ever spent was the Summer I spent in San Francisco” is absolutely true…



currently crushing, miss me jeansIn case you can’t tell by now, I’m getting so excited for my trip up to San Francisco tomorrow!  Even though they’re having a semi ‘heat wave’ up there I’ll need to pack for chillier temps than I’m used to so I’m building my travel wardrobe around this white leather moto jacket and perfect mid rise skinny jeans from Miss Me.

currently crushing, miss me jeansI love it when jeans fit snug but still have a little ‘give’ to them without sagging.  I can already tell that these new ones, which were sent to me from Miss Me, will be among my favorites.  Miss Me is especially well-known for their embellished jeans but I love the versatility of these simple, five pocket mid-rise ones.

currently crushing, miss me jeansUnfortunately Elke won’t be able to come with me this weekend – I always miss her so much when I travel.  I’m a tiny bit jealous of people who have tiny dogs that get to go everywhere with them but I wouldn’t trade my big, sweet Elke for the world.  I can’t believe how she’s grown the past 2 years!  Here’s a shot that I took on the day I brought her home at 7 weeks old:

currently crushing, elke, long hair german shepherd puppy

currently crushing, miss me jeansThank you so much for for following along and I hope you’ll stay tuned for my recap from my event tomorrow night plus Bay to Breakers and other SF adventures.  For live updates, be sure to check out my Instagram.

My jacket and boots are each past season but I’ve included some currently available options below: