Cooking with Olga Valentina Wrap Party

currently crushing, nics restaurant and martini lounge

One of my most fun evenings this week was spent at Nic’s in Beverly Hills with online culinary sensation Olga Valentina.  A Wrap Party to celebrate Olga’s first off-site filming plus the launch of her Summer cooking series was the occasion and the perfect opportunity to enjoy fabulous bites and martinis…



currently crushing, olga valentina, nics restaurantI loved sampling Olga’s own Perogis plus other dishes including tasty baked potatoes with spicy mustard, lox and flatbread pizza along with cucumber and watermelon martinis.

currently crushing, nics restaurant olga valentina partycurrently crushing, olga valentinaI loved meeting Olga in person and was tickled with her warm, sweet and fun personality.  I’m also in love with that fancy fishtail braid!

currently crushing, nics restaurant, olga valentina partyThe evening’s highlight was a visit to Nic’s vodka room, the ‘Vod Box’, hosted by Vodkateur and restaurant owner, Larry Nicola. Before entering the 28 degree room (which resembled a library with vodkas labeled and categorized on shelves) we were each given a sumptuous fur coat and hat to keep us warm.  Larry taught us about several different vodkas and Olga instructed us on the correct way to taste vodka: exhale, drink and then follow it up with a bite of dill pickle.

currently crushing, nics restaurant vodka room, olga valentina partyI had such a great time at this very unique party and loved learning more about vodka and getting the chance to meet Olga Valentina in person.  I’m learning to expect the unexpected when it comes to parties here in LA – this one was over-the-top fun!