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Food and fashion are among the finer things in life, and although Currently Crushing is committed to offering up the latest and greatest fashion tips to keep you turning heads, beauty trends are just the tip of the iceberg. Here you’ll also find a wide array of current crushes straight from the culinary arts. Food, flavors, sophistication…what more could you ask for?

Simple and Tasty Homestyle Recipes

Fun and exciting dishes are a trend with Kristi’s current crushes. You’ll love the dishes she shows you, from decadent desserts to tasty main dishes and everywhere in between! Plus, Kristi dines out at a bunch of different unique restaurants and shares her delicious food finds with you. You’ll never get bored with the selection of eats!

Kristi enjoys showing you step by step how to create awesome recipes, with plenty of pictures to guide you along the way!

Chocolate Chip Challah Bread

Ever wonder how to make chocolate chip Challah bread? Check out this cool recipe! A unique twist on the traditional challah bread recipe, this recipe has an awesome chocolatey flavor that is to die for. What’s great about this recipe: you don’t have to be a professional cook or baker to make it come out perfect! Just follow the easy steps and you’ll be indulging on this bread in no time.

In addition to creating awesome desserts, Kristi also does her fair share of visiting confectionaries and sampling the creations. You’ll love following the different places she ends up, from sampling colorful, flavored macarons to tasting soda pop!

Dinner Dates

Not the cooking or baking type, but still love food? Perfect! Currently Crushing is always featuring and showcasing the hottest restaurants and local eateries, many of which are hidden gems! Just check out this dish from a recent visit to Al Gelato, an Italian restaurant known for its amazing dishes.

Al Gelato is also known for its amazing apple pie (which Kristi of course shares pictures of for you). Drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream, this dessert is a favorite of the locals. Just look at that slice!

Food and fashion go hand in hand, and Currently Crushing excels in bringing together the best of both worlds. A shopping trip followed by a nice dinner sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Showing You Healthy Options!

Healthy living is more important than ever in our increasingly instant-gratification-loving McWorld, and Currently Crushing is prepared with mouthwatering creations like nutritious smoothies. Here you’ll find all the tips and ideas for making an awesome smoothie, like Kristi’s POM smoothie with blueberries and strawberries. This delicious smoothie includes yogurt and bananas too. Healthy and delicious!

Food and Fashion

Follow all the food and fashion action with Currently Crushing, from dinner on the town to home cooked dinner at home! We share it all, and offer tips and inspiration for recipes, cooking and dinner ideas. Check it out right here!