Wildfox Favorites

zooby zooby zoo, wildfox, zara jeans, dior bootiesOne of my very favorite brands for comfy, casual looks -especially when it comes to graphic prints – is Wildfox Couture.  Wildfox is a vintage-inspired knitwear company based here in LA that was co-created by two women and their love of vintage tee shirts.  That Zooby Zooby Zoo sweater gets a lot of wear.

wildfox, zooby zooby zoo, currently crushingI didn’t realize how many Wildfox tops I had until we packed up for the move and I noticed that most of my everyday ‘run around’ favorites were all from Wildfox.  Here are the ones I spent a big part of 2013 living in…



Wildfox, fox sweatshirt, currently crushingwildfox, lips sweater, currently crushingI wore this diamond Wildfox sweatshirt the day I finally got my braces off – it’s so funny to see a picture of myself with braces now.  I had 2 years of Invisalign plus 9 months of brackets and wires on my top 6 teeth and the things I was most excited to do once I got them off were to use Whitestrips and chew gum.

wildfox diamond sweatshirt, currently crushingwildfox, wildfox lips tee, wildfox tongue tee, currently crushingIMG_0795(1)And last but not least, no wardrobe would be complete without a tuxedo tee:

wildfox, wildfox tuxedo tee, currently crushing, tuxedo teeI can’t believe how often I reach for these soft, slouchy tees and sweatshirts.  Here are a few of my favorites that I might just need to add to my collection (click on images for more info):