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Sea Day

  Hello from the Crystal Symphony!  I’ve been enjoying the relaxed atmosphere aboard and using this ‘Sea Day’ to take advantage…

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Are you a travel shopping hunter? Crazy about the hottest fashion finds along all corners of the nation or even the globe? Then you have come to the right place! As a busy LA girl, Kristi does a lot of traveling around. While she does all her traveling, she makes sure to always share with you her adventures and what she’s wearing in her travels.

Styles On The Go

We all love to look great wherever we go, especially against a beautiful exotic backdrop (even if that exotic backdrop happens to be the beach across town). If you need ideas for cute, stylish outfits on the go, you’ll find the ultimate inspirations right here. For instance, check out this outfit from a recent travel shopping trip to Santa Barbara. It’s the perfect style for bringing in the summer weather! Paired with a nice pair of heels, it makes the ideal cool and comfy ensemble for a weekend on the town. This is just one example of the inspired trends you’ll find at Currently Crushing.

Especially when traveling to a tropical or beach location, finding the perfect bikini or swimsuit can be tough. Get inspired with Kristi’s current crushes from her beach trips. She shares her favorite awesome and affordable bikinis and bathing suits with you. Chances are, you’ll find what you’re currently crushing!

Thrift Store Finds

Travel shopping doesn’t have to mean heading out to the mall to find the perfect items for your big trip. Thrift stores can be your go-to in situations like these! You’ll be surprised what you can find at thrift shops, especially with a bit of patience and diligence. The right thrift store can have a wide variety of different styles and outfits to fall in love with, at a price you’ll love even more! Plus, shopping at local thrift stores often means supporting local businesses: that’s something to feel good about!

Here you’ll encounter a wealth of thrifty finds to create stylish outfits, plus tips on thrift store hunting and finding your current thrifty crushes!

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You can be a sidekick on Kristi’s trips and adventures through her stories here at Currently Crushing! Kristi visits a lot of cool and unique places, and she shares all the fun and photos with you during and after the trips!

Recently, Kristi traveled to British Columbia for a fun getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Los Angeles life. Her trip included visiting lots of local restaurants, plenty of stops to the town coffee shop, plus plenty of mini-adventures along the way! She shares more here, and she’s always either preparing for or returning from another adventure, so stay tuned for plenty more travel stories!

Travel Shopping Tips and More

The Currently Crushing travel section regularly includes tips for travel shopping, outfit ideas for travel, and of course, fun stories from real travel adventures. Stay tuned for more stories and showcases, fashionable travel clothes and travel shopping, right here!