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I’m loving this warm, sunny weather we’ve been having here in LA the past week and now with the longer days…

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Did anyone else notice this fabulous necklace from Alber Elbaz’s fall collection for Lanvin? I’ve been daydreaming about it since Paris…

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Want to turn your favorite everyday clothes into cutting-edge outfits that feel like new again? Want to express your unique personality in your appearance without having to own a separate house just to store all your clothes?

Yep, me too. There’s one easy way to do all that and more: jewelry!

As women, we know that fashion jewelry accessories are the icing on our cake. The sprinkles on our cookies. The cherry (and whipped cream) on the sundae of our wardrobe.
Such gorgeous fun!

Trends for 2014

2014 fashion trends have brought with them some hot new jewelry looks. And all of those looks can be boiled down to one word: bold!

Nope, ain’t nothin’ delicate going on in 2014, we are here to make a statement with unique fashion jewelry.

Here are some key looks to watch for:
• Stacked bangles and cuffs
• Contrasting textures
• Thick chains
• Fringe

Let’s take a little look see, shall we?

Stacked Bangles and Cuffs

Dress them up or dress them down. Stacks (and stacks) of bangles and cuffs go with everything.

Add some colorful earth-child to your everyday styles. Shine some shameless princess onto your weekend dresses. Include a little interesting funk with your professional wear.

This fashion trend is particularly fun because it fits any budget. Unique fashion jewelry can be raided from your grandmother’s jewelry box or picked up for a couple bucks at the nearest vintage shop. Throw some designer items into the mix, too, for a fantastic and multi-faceted look that is all yours.

Contrasting Textures

This season, smooth metal circlets sit proudly beside irregularly shaped stones. Heavy armor rings toss a wink at delicate mid-finger bands next door. Antique cameos and byzantine-style pieces create luscious contrast to ethnic glitter and audacious spikes.

Go ahead and wear metal, pearls, wood, chains, and leather. Put filigree and gypsy styles together. Let that inner diversity show proudly.

Welcome to fashion jewelry accessories in 2014, folks. It’s a glorious year to go shopping!

Thick Chains

Chains were all over the runway in the 2014 fashion shows. And not just any chains, thick chains!

Stainless steel, bright gold, chains woven with velvet ribbon and crystals, multiple metals at once, black links… you name it. The variety of thick chains on the market now is incredible.

Try a single cuff on each wrist and one at your throat to give panache to a business suit, or layer on multiple strands in different colors and add a quirky pendant.

Color me blinged out! What a stunning fashion jewelry accessory!


The 70’s are back with fringe everywhere, and jewelry is no exception. Headdresses, necklaces, and even purses sport fringe now. Indulge yourself!

A Little Fashion Leeway

This year’s fashion trends deliver a huge amount of fun straight into our jewelry box. I, for one, intend to take full advantage.

I swear I only need 15, 20, maybe 40 new pieces of jewelry and I’ll be a happy girl! A black Givenchy chain, a silver vine full-finger ring, some coral bead bracelets, a few….

*Sigh* I want them all!