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Clothes shopping is all about finding what looks great and exciting on you, right? Sometimes, finding the perfect dress or pair of shoes that makes you say “wow” isn’t that easy. Have no fear, Currently Crushing can help!

Showroom shopping is one of the great American pastimes, and here you’ll find some of the best fashion finds, features and deals from the best showrooms around. Right here at Currently Crushing.

Holiday Sales

No matter what the holiday get together is, you probably always have in mind one thing: looking stylish for the festivities! Everybody loves a good holiday fashion sale, and showroom shopping makes it all the more exciting. From the perfect Christmas look to the hottest Memorial Day outfit, you’ll see it showcased right here.

Kicking off summer for Currently Crushing includes Memorial Day shopping. For many of us, Memorial Day means the weather is heating up and the summer fun is about to start. Our minds are fixed on the beautiful weather and outdoor summer activities! Kristi feels the same way, and here she shows you how to look your best with the latest looks from outfitters like J Crew, Nordstrom and Shopbop.

December is an exciting month no matter where you are; houses are beautifully decorated and the festive lights at night are simply awesome. You’ve probably been invited to a holiday gathering, and you might be thinking, “what am I going to wear this year?”. No worries: Currently Crushing can help you find the perfect December outfit at your local shopping mall, like these warm and stylish Hunter boots!

Sale Alerts!

Showroom shopping can be really exciting, and best of all, it doesn’t have to hurt your wallet! Kristi equips you with sale alerts whenever she finds something you don’t want to miss. Chances are, you’ll find something you’ll love right from Kristi’s current crushes!

Handbags, dresses, shoes, accessories: here you can find sales on it all! When Currently Crushing finds a hot sale that needs to be shouted out, we shout it out! You’ll quickly fall in love with the shopping page here on

Online Shopping

You’re up late at night, bored, but can’t get to sleep. Sound familiar? Why not do a little relaxing online shopping! Kristi does her fair share of online shopping, and she loves to share with you what she found and is currently crushing on! From watches to skirts and pants, you’ll find some awesome clothing items and online showroom shopping finds straight from Cyberspace.

Vintage Style Shopping

We all enjoy vintage fashion, especially when it’s at a great price that you’ll be excited about! Our showroom shopping adventures often include vintage finds, like the 80’s Ton Sur Ton sweatshirt pictured below.

Plus, in addition to finding hot vintage styles and passing the finds on to you, Kristi loves sharing style tips and fashion ideas to go along with her current crushes!

Your Virtual Shopping Partner

No matter what your style interests are, Currently Crushing has the showroom shopping finds you’ll love, all in one place, updated all the time! No longer do you have to find all of your own fashion finds. You’ve got Currently Crushing to help!